Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NOTD 1. Showing my Stripes!

Hey guys! I want to start doing a nail of the day blog post :) It actually will probably be 'Nail of the week' considering I really don't change it everyday haha. This was what I wore on my nails last week. I never got a chance to post it.

I love these nail strips! I got them in my September Birchbox. They are by a company called "Incoco".  I love that some of their manicures are cheaper than the Sally Hansen ones. My set (Go Get Em' Tiger) is only $8.99!

These lasted me about 5 days on my fingers, and are still going strong on my toes!


  1. Super cute!!! I got the leopard looking ones, excited to try them...

  2. Those are so wicked! I gotta try those out!

  3. they look s awesome ive never tried them

  4. Did you do your nails and toes from the same package? I got them in my Birchbox too, and want to be able to use them as much as I can. Any tips?