Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wish List :)

Now a days there is a new product turning out every few weeks that having people melting over. I always see things that I HAVE to have, and then shortly forget about them when the next big thing come out. I've decided to start making a "wish list" for when I see something I really want. This obviously in no way means Im going to purchase all, if anything, on my list. Its just a fun way to keep my eye on things when I may be thinking about picking up a new item for my collection. These are the top things on my list at the moment:

Make Up For Ever Wild & Chic Collection - $175
I have never tried makeup forevers aqua creams, but I always hear great things. This is also such a great color range and set!

The Balm NudeTude Palette - $36
This palette is everything I wanted the Naked Palette to be! And its cheaper with more color! You can't beat that.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Trial Kit - $46
I'm obsessed with their Oxygen mask, I NEED to try everything else!

Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit - $65
And thats it for now! Whats on your wish list?!


  1. That stuff looks awesome! The only thing I can think of on my wishlist right now would be a REALLY good face cleansing kit. With like a cleanser, toner, and what .

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  3. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

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  6. You know what's so crazy, I ordered the Nude 'Tude Palette b/c you always talk about how much you like it - I do too -- its SUPER pigmented and SUPER metallic! ;) But mine doesn't have the "naked" ladies under the colors like yours! Isn't that funny? Its like they decided to take them off the next batch, LOL! BTW I love your latest video w/ the kittens!!!!!!!!! I love when you lose stuff or drop stuff, it always cracks me up with your responses! :)