Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thrifting Haul!

Much like most of you this year, I was swept up into the thrifting craze. It has now become a favorite activity for myself and friends to go do together. I'ts cheap and it's entertaining. Plus it feels pretty awesome when you find something you really love for a great price.

My friend HeyKittty (Meghan) and I went to our local thrift store yesterday. I found only two things for my studio room as well as three purses. :)

The first thing that really caught my eye was this silver tray. I am sure it was some sort of serving dish. But I am going to turn it into a fragrance tray to hold all my perfumes. This cost me $2.95 and I believe it was half off.

The next item I found was this adorable door hanger. I thought it would be perfect for my studio room. This was only $1.95.

Next is this Dana Buchman bag. It was $14.95 which normally I would NOT pay for a thrifted bag unless it was a well known designer. Dana Buchman I believe is just a Kohls brand. However, I have been searching for a bag this color with the gold detailing for awhile. Plus I LOVE how the straps connect to the bag by two gold chains. The bag is in mint condition so I decided to splurge as I know I will get great use out of it.

This next bag is a matte beige gray. Its a vintage Enzo Angiolini. Enzo shoes and bags are carried by Nordstrom and other etailers. I have not found many Enzo bags online so I know this must be pretty old as he has not made bags in years. This bag was only $7.95 and I got it at half price. Its a little beat up. But I think after I give it a little TLC it will be a great addition to my thrifted bag collection!

This silver gray bag is my Pride and JOY of thrifted bags. It is a no name bag but I really think its gorgeous. I love the quilted detailing and ribboned chain link strap. This bag was ONLY $3.95 and it is my favorite bag out of all my high end, thrifted, and store bought bags.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Please let me know what crazy cool items you have found on your own thrifting adventures!!!



  1. I LOVE thrift stores along with antique stores. I always find the best stuff there from clothes, to accessories, furniture and things to paint. You found some pretty awesome stuff!

  2. i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE thrift stores! they always have such cool things that normally in really good shape. i always give my old clothes n all that kind of stuff to good will :) good finds!!!! deff keep goin!

  3. I'm a die hard Goodwill-aholic lol... i'm in Texas and we have a goodwill outlet! everything is 1.99 or less...clothes are a quarter on wed. & sat. and $.49 the other days - i have found so much awesome stuff.... scored a like new brighton wallet for $1.99 a few weeks ago!

    1. that's AWESOME!!!!... I'm at goodwills AT LEAST twice a week... mostly for my ebay sales... finding good treasures that people don't know are worth money... i wish i had an OUTLET around me!!

  4. Love everything! Hmm makes me want to do a post on a bag I just bought for $7! It's so cute for the price!!

  5. Great stuff, great prices, a girls dream come true!! Awesome shopping, Shae!! ;)