Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Before

Hey guys! So believe it or not I have been a long time sufferer of Acne Scarring. In the past year it has cleared up a tremendous amount. I credit this to my Clarisonic, Exuviance skincare products, and most recently, the Tanda Clear (video review coming soon). In my latest makeup tutorial I show you how to cover your acne scars with just 4 products! Primer, Foundation, Concealer, & Powder! Its easier than it sounds and anyone is capable of it!

Are there any products you use to either A.) Treat and remove your acne scars? or B.) To cover up your scarring?

Hope my tutorial helps~!


  1. You are Beautiful either way! Love your Videos!

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  3. I've head very good results with the burt's bees acne scrub. I use it every other day and it has cleared my face completely. I've recommended it to all my friends and they all had very good results as well. I work at a spa and I've used all the expensive products before i found burt's bees. I use it in the shower with the clarisonic. I hope you take my advice and i Hope it works for you. You're beautiful either way.. Love your videos :)

  4. I like using Mario Badescu's Healing Cream, seems to help keep acne from scarring as badly. My friend works for a plastic surgeon, so she's on the medical grade of Jan Marini, and in only 4 weeks, her face has been completely transformed. Amazing stuff, super expensive.

  5. Shea, you are adorable and I really enjoy all your videos. You said you went to beauty school so maybe you can help me with a skin care problem. I usually have clear skin and never really had an issue trying products or having any allergies or reactions to new stuff. I have had a crazy outbreak of super dry/red/patchy skin on both sides of my chin, cheeks and temples. I normally wash with St. Ives apricot scrub with an Olay skin brush (similar to Clarisonic) I've bounced around the name brand skin care brands Clinique, Shisedo, Oragins, The body shop. A friend of mine recommended vegan products so I started looking around for inexpensive brands. I had a facial at a friends salon and purchased a brand of products called Malibu C. The esthetician said she liked it more than Demalogica. Well the skin care was great but the moisturizer broke me out. Since then I've tried all sorts of moisturizers and at home DIY skin care routines. Sugar and Lemon scrubs, Coffee scrubs, even baking powder as a microderm-abrasion. Noting is curing the dry skin. I think my over exfoliating is making it worse. I love to use Vitamin E and The body shops Shea butter dry oil. I use Extra virgin olive oil with Palmer's cocoa butter which has made it a little less cracked and flaky, but I can't cure this thing. Putting on foundation is a nightmare. Anything on my skin feels itchy and dry so Ive been avoiding it. It also looks like i'm getting hyper pigmentation in those areas. Its darker and I can start to tell it's gotten worse. Anything you can suggest? Any skin care or moisturizers that are not pore clogging and none irritating? Thanks
    Christine -Seattle
    P.S. I'm a student and don't have insurance otherwise I would see a dermatologist. :-(

  6. Did you have acne scars? Did the clarisonic help to fade them away? I just bought, I just want to know if it would eventually help to fade them. Please? I'm not talking about blemishes or hyperpigmentation, i'm talking about acne scars.