Thursday, December 13, 2012

PMD Update

Hey loves!!

First off I want to apologize that it has taken me so long to do this follow up post. I got quite a lot of feedback from subscribers saying that they weren't interested in video reviews and updates on my channel so I have decided to just do a blog post. This way I can keep updating on this post and those who dont want to see it don't have to.'

In late August this past year I got my hands on a PMD. I was super excited as I have seen tons of great reviews on the product. Over a few months of using it every other week or 2 weeks I saw a great difference. Granted, I also use Exuviance  Performance Peels as well as different acne toners and such.'Recently I even picked up Lancomes Bright Expert. (Clearly I am desperate to remove these marks from my skin :( ) But, I do believe  the PMD helped in a HUGE way. Its been a month or so since the After photo was taken. I haven't seen anymore noticeable results yet, but, I am super happy with where my skin currently is. I know it isn't perfect, but, I personally see a huge difference between both photos!

 I know that many of you also tried the PMD. I would love to hear of your experience and results using this system! Good or bad, let me know!

*This is NOT a sponsored update nor a sponsored review. All words and photos are my own. I am not being paid nor compensated. Simply posting an update :)*


  1. I haven't used it, but I just wanted to say it looks like it definitely made a difference imo. Thanks for the update :)

  2. Don't use it either, but holy crap! I totally see a huge difference. :)

  3. That is progress for sure!! Good for you! Hope it´s all gone soon!!

  4. You are sooo brave for putting this up! Alot of us struggle with hyper-pigmentation & love to see someone who we trust and value their opinion and real experience about a certain product. Specially this pricey, definitely on my Christmas list now :) Thank you!!

  5. The results look really good.
    I was thinking of getting this for Christmas but
    I figured if I'm going to Esthetician school next
    month and will learn all that stuff, I may as
    well keep my money and do it myself.
    However this makes me want to get it regardless lol

  6. I love the PMD, but I accidentally used the green disk on my face one time and scraped myself up before I even realized it. I wish the colors were more dramatically different because it's kind of easy to make that mistake, I think. It was for me, anyway. I feel a little colorblind. haha...

    I have hyper-pigmentation problems (melasma) and I don't think it's a miracle for that problem by any means, but it is helping and you can't beat how smooth the skin feels after you use it. It definitely is a good tool to have in my arsenal. It gets rid of any flakes I have when my skin is dry too.

    I'm glad you're enjoying yours too. I see a big improvement in your pictures. :)

    PS - Loved the half drugstore half high end vid! The Infallible shadows are just so good. Did you keep your makeup like that all day? If so, how did it hold up? You did well matching, I don't think anyone would have picked up on it unless they were studying you closely.